$25,000 Bonus for Ascension Clubs

All ten participating teams of the Ascension Tournament will receive $25,000 each at the end of the first round as a result of the overwhelming spectator and corporate support the league has received.

Tournament Director of the Ascension Football Tournament, Kieron Edwards said in a release, “This initiative is part of the ongoing Strategic Plan of the Tournament of sharing revenue of the Tournament with participating clubs to help alleviate their expenses. We also expect this financial support to increase in the future as the Tournament improves in popularity.”

The Sponsors that are on board are Terminix Trinidad Limited, La Soufriere Maritime Limited, Campari, Magmum, TV6, TT Express, CNC3 and TT Guardian.

The media has continued to play an instrumental role in the efficient running of the tournament. Edwards said, “A critical element of the success of the Tournament is the role of the media of bringing the football to the public. Every single game of the competition was streamed on our website https://theascensiontournament.com/. The double header games on Friday nights are shown on Sportsmax and TV6. The Sunday game was shown on CNC3. With the games on Saturdays and Sundays being also shown on Music and Entertainment TV. All games are also shown on Youtube and they are also archived on our website where any interested person can view an entire transmission of a past game.”

He added, “This has clearly brought the local football to the homes of the entire population of Trinidad and Tobago and the other Caribbean islands. It has popularized the Tournament exponentially. In addition, such wide media exposure has also provided the opportunity for prospective players to be viewed by professional football scouts with the hope of creating employment opportunities abroad for local players.”

Edwards believes that the tournament will only get bigger and better in 2023 with the foundation laid in this year`s edition. Special mention was made to Sportsmax, TV6, Express, CNC3, Guardian, M&E TV and WI Sports for their coverage of the tournament.