Ascension Tournament

The Ascension Tournament of Trinidad and Tobago 2020 is an invitational tournament that seeks to include all the senior men’s football teams  in Trinidad and Tobago. It comprises of a first division (ten teams), a second division (ten teams) and a third division which would be played in the various football zones (North, East, Central, South, Tobago and Eastern Counties). More notably, the tournament organizers have ensured that our sister isle of Tobago has secured a spot in both the first and second divisions of the tournament.

The Ascension Tournament in conjunction with broadcasting network SportsMax, in an unprecedented move, is the first of its kind to showcase Trinidad and Tobago professional  football on live television nationally, regionally and internationally in over twenty (20) countries.

The largest of it’s kind, the Ascension Tournament of Trinidad and Tobago 2020 will showcase the talents of over ninety (90) teams across the country commencing on the 14th of August 2020.

In addition, the tournament will see the likes of the three top professional teams in Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force F.C, Police F.C. and  Terminix La Horquetta Rangers F C. They will compete for over Four Hundred and ninety four Thousand Dollars (TTD$494,000.00) in prize money. The Defense Force F.C  came first in the Ascension Invitational Tournament 2019 and won the aborted Trinidad and Tobago Pro League 2019 / 2020. Terminix La Horquetta Rangers Football Club finished second in the Ascension Invitational Tournament 2019,  second in the First Citizens Cup 2019  and also placed second in the Trinidad and Tobago Pro League 2019 / 2020.  Police F.C. who won the First Citizens Cup in December 2019.


Highlights of the Tournament Include:

  1. Teams will not be required to pay any registration fees to play in the Tournament,
  2. Air Travel for the two teams from Tobago,
  3. Over Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TTD$450,000.00) in prize monies,
  4. Insurance for players participating in the Tournament,
  5. Friday Night Live Shows to be broadcasted locally, throughout the Caribbean and internationally,
  6. Games would be combined with other forms of entertainment to reflect true “trini culture” including cheerleaders, dancers, rhythm sections, DJ’s and live artiste performances which will also be showcased live on television. P

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