Ian Brooks is widely known within the courts of Trinidad and Tobago, but few may know that the top lawyer was also a capable footballer and now a coach, developing youth players. The former St Mary’s man says national coach Angus Eve could only work with the products or players that are available to him, and he is concern about that. Brooks indicated “ I have a serious concern with the quality of product we are getting from thirteen years going forward. The reason why I am saying that is this: We have a lot of good players, thirteen and fourteen. These players are in the academies. They are then lured by coaches into Pro League and other teams to move from there on”. He adds, because of this, he has determined their progression or their technique is stultified. 


Mr. Brooks suggests that we need to revise how children are being coached. “We need to focus more on technique, we need to focus less on the hard football”. He says coaches are no longer encouraging younger players or smaller players with technique to express themselves. He says national coach Angus Eve can only do what he can with the lot that is available to him. He adds that coaches across the country  have to determine and make a concerted effort to give Angus Eve and the other national coaches a better technical product to work with.


In addition to the technical side of football, the experienced lawyer says respect and discipline are required. These requirements must be displayed beyond than just the players. “We have too many parents who make a lot of children believe that they are a lot better than they are, and who see their children as a ‘pay packet’ for the future, having them play a lot of games”. Mr. Brooks believes the parents and coaches who are attached to them should be developing the young players technically, but that is not being done.


“I wish Angus all the best”, Brooks put on record. “I ask of Angus to have proper mandate as to what kind of charges he wants. Go to the clubs and ask clubs ‘I need a better product, give me a better product’”. Brooks says Eve must get midfielders who can hold the ball, who are ball handlers, and players who can push the forward. Players who are comfortable with the ball. Defenders who can play with the ball and who are not simply clearing the ball. “All in all, our football can get no worse. We have to chart a way forward to make the football better, to make a better product and to make Trinidad and Tobago football proud”.