Coaches Association selects Interim Executive

The Unified Football Coaches of Trinidad and Tobago (UFCTT) adopted and ratified its new constitution on 15th August 2021. At the meeting, the interim executive who will govern the association until April next year was also selected.

The association is led by Jefferson George (President), Wayne Sheppard (First Vice-President), Rayshawn Mars (General Secretary), Johan Contaste (Assistant Secretary), Curtis Orr (Treasurer), James Saunders (Media Officer), Justin Reid (Public Relations Officer).

According to the constitution the election will be held in April every two years, with the first annual general meeting being April,2022. The Standing Committees as mandated by the constitution will likely be done by September 30th, 2021. The Tobago Football Association’s president Everton Alfred is in full support of the Association and is open to the idea and opportunity of having a coach from Tobago to fill the position of 2nd Vice-President.

George said on the Ascension Football show, “The association came about through the non-payment of salaries to national coaches. To deal with that issue we formed a committee. We had the mandate of putting a framework for a coaching association to not only address that matter but other matters as well. I was really pleased with the enthusiasm of the persons who really stuck together to get that (Association) going.”

The former national goalkeeper added, “One of our major mandates is coaching education. Therefore, having no formal coaching experience is not a hindrance from joining the coaches association. Persons should be allowed access to improve themselves.”

The document will be made available to all members so roles, responsibilities and general expectations will be clearly defined, and it will also be available to the public.

List of benefits offered to members:

• Coaching education & Mentorship

• Group insurance

• Legal advice

• Membership card

• Discount on equipment and football gear

• Paid international coaching opportunities through our alliance with North America Caribbean Coaching Method

• Access to international coaching network

• Welfare