Cummings pays tribute to the late Larry Joseph

Former National footballer, Larry Joseph passed away on Wednesday at the age of 56. Joseph, was a member of the 1986 World Cup Qualifiers, 1989 “Strike Squad” and the 1990 Shell Caribbean Cup team. The talented midfielder had 30 caps for the national team.

Joseph played for TRINTOC/United Petrotrin and Charlotte Eagles (USA) alongside Clayton Morris and Philbert Jones in 1994. Throughout his career, the La Brea resident won several Most Valuable Players (MVP) awards.

Former standout player and Head Coach of the Strike Squad Everald “Gally” Cummings confirmed that he received the dreadful news of Joseph`s passing on Wednesday from Brian Williams.

A saddened Cummings said, “The Passing of a really great footballer and human being. All I have sometimes are only words. All too often, they are all we have to express; those wordless feelings that fills our minds and hearts. Yes, words are all we have and yet at times such as this, they are simply not enough.”

PHOTO : Everald Cummings

Coachman continued, “We are all faced with a personal loss and each of us will feel it, carry it and live with it because someone we cherished and loved so much has been removed from our lives. We all stand as living proof of the leadership and kindness of Larry. We saw his dedication, passion and witness his care and concern as we whisper prayers of thanks. We were privileged enough to be associated with a person of his worth. We all prayed that he will be with us forever but he has been called to a higher order.”

“To sum up what he was and what he did, we use a word like love but what can that possibly convey? Yes, we are slaves of words, but let us be heartened today by the fact that rather than mere words, we will use those images that are inscribed within our hearts to cherish the legacy of love, caring and honor which he lived by every day. On and off the football field he demonstrated the most kindness, caring, thoughtfulness and love that I was privileged to witness.” Farewell to one of our country’s finest footballers and most of all a very good human being. Rest in peace my little brother, Larry.” said Cummings

Also, paying tribute was Narada Wilson. “He will truly be missed, his opinions, his encouragement and positivity in life and football.”

Wilson who is one of the co-host for the Field of Dream football show with Joesph said. “What I admired the most about him is that he always puts God first in everything. He is very much active in his church and also plays a heavy role in their football.


Wilson continued, “Number of church teams and colleges come to Trinidad and he will either house them or facilitate. He travelled quite a bit to support the Trinidad & Tobago football teams. He is a family man and very involved in the lives of his children.”

Wilson added, “Being part of the famous Strike Squad, he was always in the center arranging the exhibition matches. In December, he volunteered his services to be part of the virtual training sessions for the Field of Dreams programme to ensure that kids could have been active during the COVID period.”

Achievements of Larry Joseph

30 Caps for Trinidad & Tobago

Past Student at Point Fortin College – (1976 – 1981)

Presentation College – (1981-83)

Most Goals College League – 1983

Forest Reserve MVP – 1984

MVP Awards for TRINTOC in Caribbean Club Championships

MVP – South Caribbean and North America Club Championship – 1987

MVP – United Petrotrin – 1987

South Captain – 1990

Professional Charlotte Eagles (USA) 1994

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