Jones looking for Stability

Newly minted National Women’s Football Team coach, Kenwyne Jones who was appointed a couple days ago, met with the media for the first time in his new capacity as head coach.

The former World Cup player, joins his former team mates Angus Eve, Russell Latapy and Stern John to take up coaching roles after their playing days. Latapy previously coached the Soca Warriors and is currently the man in charge of Barbados, while record goal scorer John is the boss in Anguilla and of course, Angus Eve is in charge of the Soca Warriors for the next 2 years. Constantine Konstin, who was appointed coach last week, after James Thomas resigned to take up an offer in the UK, stepped down because of personal reasons, as he could not commit to the team.

During a virtual media conference on Tuesday, Jones, who scored 23 goals for the Soca Warriors, said coaching is nothing new to him, as he has “been part of the system for 98% of my career. It’s nothing strange to me in going through the education process.” Jones added that during his career he had “quite a few instances where I even have to do some coaching”. The former St Anthony’s player revealed he did have the opportunity, after he retired from playing to join Atlanta United academy (as part of the coaching staff), so it’s not strange to me.” He said he understands the principles and the structure of coaching. “Having coaching education is one thing, it’s the practical that is needed behind it”.


Being the coach for just a few days before the encounter, the former Sunderland forward aims to bring stability to the team, and not risking making to much changes ahead of the matches. “I know it’s been a rocky week or two for the staff and players on the team. But the intention now is to bring that stability ay this present time and help the team to be able to perform to its best ability”. 

Jones also responded to a question about sitting on the hot seat beyond his current interim appointment. The former Southampton forward indicated he is not looking too far ahead. “My contract is until the 30th of November. Definitely we are trying to the keep the core of the squad in training, and whether or not it presents an opportunity in the next window to have a game or two, we will definitely look at that. We are preparing for that and more or less the medium term with the games we have in the seven day period. I can’t say for sure if I might put my hat in the ring. I am not going to look that far into the future but what I can say is that during this period I am fully committed to the work that has to be done with the team, and the stability that has to be brought into the team”