Sporting Heroes plead against women violence

“We know what is happening back home, please protect our women, we are begging you! Please, protect our women!” Rayad Emrit pleaded during an interview after winning the Abu Dhabi T10 Cricket Tournament with Northern Warriors on Saturday.

The entire nation of Trinidad & Tobago was plunged into mourning on Thursday afternoon with the confirmation of Andrea Bharatt’s death. The 22-year-old, was kidnapped six days prior to her body being found after entering into what she believed was a taxi on her way home from work in Arima. This situation adds to the pain and suffering as the country has yet to come to terms with the loss of Ashanti Riley just a few months ago.

Photo : Rayad Emrit Photo Credit : looptt

West Indies and T20 specialist cricketer, Emrit said, “I’m very heartbroken, I felt like it was someone close to me even though I don’t know her. The manner in which it occurred; you can see the entire country is hurting a lot.” Our women are not being treated the way they should be treated and I want to urge the men in society to treat our women with lots more respect.”

A dejected Emrit added, “My heart goes out to Andrea’s family because only God knows how they are feeling. I see other athletes are coming out and giving the support to the family. I really would like the entire country to wake up and bring it back to the way it was…Sweet T&T! I really hope things can change for betterments and these criminals feel the full brunt of the law.”

Photo : Ayana Russell

Former national women’s footballer, Ayana Russell who resides on the outskirts of Arima said. “It really hit home even though I don’t know her personally, but any day it really could be you as a female, clearly we are targets. It is getting closer and closer to home and for me it is about what can be done. Other than praying and protecting ourselves, parliament need to make some serious stance against these inhumane people.”

The former defender, now football coach and athletic trained expounded, “I started thinking about after training sessions with schools or national teams …parents wouldn’t feel safe sending their girl children to training. This is a big worry for me because I wonder how the athletes are getting home after a session because many of them have to travel still.”

A saddened Russell who is also a mother concluded, “I am definitely gutted about this one and to think that there are so much more that we probably don’t even know about.”

Photo : Kevin Molino and Joevin Jones

Scores of athletes and entertainers took to social media to express their disgust and to send condolences to the family of Andrea Bharatt.