TTFA partners with South Korean’s Fitogether

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has reached an agreement to partner with South Korean-based company Fitogether to provide Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) devices and supportive technology. The deal will provide devices for the men and women senior teams for a two-year period.

Fitogether specializes in (EPTS) and is also FIFA- approved. The devices will assist in data collection of the players which will be used for tactical and performance analysis. Fitogether shall benefit from marketing opportunities through the TTFA in the form of commercial branding at events and media platforms.

Taeryung KIM, Director of Fitogether said, “We are delighted to work with TTFA. Fitogether is a Football technology and science company based in South Korea,” 

He added, “We are the official EPTS company of the K-league and an EPTS company certified by FIFA. After Covid-19, performance management using player data has become important. We believe that technology will help the development of football.” 

The devices were used by the women national players during the training camp at the Ato Boldon Stadium and head coach James Thomas is pleased to have access of the devices.

He said, “The opportunity to work with Fitogether and the technology they have is really a game changer for us as a national team. To be able to integrate this into what we do, our planning and our reflection of sessions and games is vital for the things we are trying to achieve as a national team.” Also, sharing her appreciation for acquiring the devices and believe that it can enhance the performances of the team was former captain Maylee Attin- Johnson.  

The Welshman, Thomas added, “It’s a tool that we are going to use everyday whether it’s in the local training program or in national team camps and it will form a very important pillar within the toolbox that we have as coaches to provide those players with a platform in the environment that they need to achieve the things they are setting out to.” 

“Football is now in a place where science plays a huge role and the top teams in the world use these technologies and they use it because they have a massive impact and positive effect on everything that the coaching staff, from head coach all the way through to the sports science department and assistant coaches and technical analysts have. It’s something that we are really looking forward to working with going forward,” said James.